12/04/2020: Easter Sunday – John 20

12 April 2020

John 20

Welcome to Unichurch Online Easter Sunday service! The Lord is risen!

Before We Start

Please download Zoom app for an online conversation at the end of the service.


Watch our intro video below that will help you navigate through the service.


Join us for our first song, Man of Sorrows.

And the second song, How Deep the Father’s Love.

And our third song, Scandal of Grace.

Bible Reading and Sermon

Have your Bible ready for John 20 as Anne reads it for us in the video below, followed by Damien’s sermon.


Join us for our last song, Resurrection Hymn.


Join us for Zoom conversation by clicking the button below that will prompt you to open your Zoom app. The password would have been texted to you by Damien.

Thank you for tuning in. We hope you join us again next week.