19/04/2020: Come and See – More than Miracles – John 18: 12-28

19 April 2020

John 4: 43-54

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Before We Start

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We have made the service in one YouTube playlist this week so all you need to do it play the video below and it will automatically play all the items for the service. Please get your Bible ready, and check out the sermon outline below.

Sermon Outline: Come and See – More than Miracles

  1. Signs
  2. Jesus’ Identity & Mission
  3. A Surprise
  4. Welcome & Honour
  5. Teaching & Miracles
  6. Belief— Take Him at His Word 
  7. Three Marks
  8. Who is this?
  9. The Life Giver


Let’s end the service by praying for the dot points below. Read Ephesians 1:15-23 as a pointer towards how to pray.

1. Pray for Syria

  • Pray for peace and provision for Christian in times of extreme conflict.
  • Pray that persecutors will experience the love of God and have their hearts changed.
  • Pray that believers who choose to remain in Syria will find joy and strength in the Lord amidst persecution.

2. Pray for AFES

3. Pray for Lake Mac Church

4. Pray for Curtin students


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Thank you for tuning in. We hope you join us again next week.