05/04/20: Light in the Darkness – John 18: 12-28

05 April 2020

Light in the Darkness – John 18: 12-28

Welcome to the second Unichurch Online!

Before We Start

Please download Zoom app for an online conversation at the end of the service.


Watch our intro video below that will help you navigate through the service.


Join us for our first song, Blessed be Your Name.

And the second song, Forever.

And our third song, Jerusalem.

Bible Reading and Sermon

Have your Bible ready for John 18:12-28 as Anne reads it for us in the video below, followed by Damien’s sermon.


Join us for our last song, By Faith.


Pause to pray for your concerns and the dot points below:

Pray for Iran

  • Pray for wisdom of church leaders as they shepherd their congregations.
  • Pray that the Word of God will reach the hearts of Iran’s leaders and that they would be used for God’s good purposes.
  • Pray for further growth of the church and that more will come to know, understand and share the gospel.
  • Currently authorities are forcing Christian converts from Islam to declare their faith to obtain ID cards.

Pray for Barnabas Fund

See this prayer update for details.

Pray for Hunter Bible Church

  • Adjusting to online events

Pray for Unichurch and Curtin

  • We’ll look after each other well during the current crisis
  • We’ll maintain trust in Jesus and take opportunities to give a reason for the hope we have
  • Curtin students will come to know Jesus through this time


Join us for Zoom conversation by clicking the button below that will prompt you to open your Zoom app. The password would have been texted to you by Damien.

Thank you for tuning in. We hope you join us again next week.